Nico the caca head and the brenda hater (fowlsmell) wrote in zzzanti_pornzzz,
Nico the caca head and the brenda hater

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A place where I can satiate my appetite for unkempt female facial hair...I mean... Boo, porn is terible. With three 'r's
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::hugs Nicolas:: Yay! More people! So happy! :D
What's wrong with a little nudity from time to time, it's a human body, half the population has one, half has the other, what's so wrong with seeing a naked body of the oposite sex, it's compleatly natural and will happen eventually.
so you enjoy looking at naked 70 years old people of your opposite sex?
I never said that. If something I wouldn't want to look at crosses my eye, I would turn away. It's still a human body either way, I wouldn't be terribly disgusted by looking at it, if I get married I'll eventually see it anyways.


August 18 2005, 19:51:38 UTC 12 years ago

We weren't talking about looking at YOU, you stupid whorebag.
It's not just a human's not just about nudity.
Pornography is the use of the human body for sexual arousal and gratification only. Nudity doesn't necessarily cause arousal, but that is the very purpose of pornography.