La Muchacha (xirona) wrote in zzzanti_pornzzz,
La Muchacha

I smell hypocrisy

petitedrag, You stated you wanted an enviroment free from pornographic or sexually charged imagery. (On your user page.)</span>

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October 6 2005, 03:46:38 UTC 12 years ago

She's just upset because she has no self-esteem. She has to do whatever she can to put others down to feel better about her pathetic "life". =/


November 28 2005, 18:30:45 UTC 12 years ago

petitedrag is a big hypocrite. He is very misgynostic. He claims to hate chauvinists, but he is one. He is a fruity little faggot who posts pictures of naked gay men on his journal, but post a naked woman, and he shits his pink panties.
please read it ALL before commenting.

ok, porn. am i for it or agianst it? i am agianst porn with fake women, wiolence and children.

do i look at it alone? no, it brings me no arousal and just turns me off.
does my husband look at it alone? no
do we look at it together? yes, soft-core porn

why doesn't my husband look at porn? he had an addiction and was abusive to me and realised after a long time i couldn't live with someone who looks at porn all the time.
he knows it hurts me for him to jack off to other women. it would have been fine if he didn't have an addiction. in the end he chose me instead of the fake women.
when ever i see any porn i start crying because it brings up alot of bad memories of my husband. the only time i dont' cry about it is if i'm watching a funny soft-core wiht my hubby.

the lesson? if porn is hurting you relationship think about it, do you really want to hurt the perosn you love by doing something you really don't need.

now for some facts: not all men look at it, women do look at it
some relationships are fine with it, some won't be able to survive with it.

quite a few sexual abuse victims are afraid of porn, this isn't something that they can just "get over"

some people are actually traumatised to where they cannot have porn around them.
porn is addictive and people who are addicted need help.

quite a few "porn stars" were sexual abused as well and for some of them that made thier descicion to get into the business. are some women in porn ashamed of it, yes but some enjoy being there.

yes, porn does glorify being a prostitute and a whore. if you don't beleive me, check out how many men they are paind to sleep with.

and society has made it to where if you don't say that it's ok then you're wrong, which is not true. if you don't like it, that's ok, if you do,
that's ok too.

do i care if you look at porn? no, unless you are hurting your partner with it.
do i care if every other wife but me is comforatable with thier husband looking at porn alone? no, that is their decision.

basically, don't tell someone they are wrong for liking/disliking it.
don't put someone down because porn hurts them. and don't tell them they are wrong for wantint thier parnter to stop.

as for the pic, atleast it isn't tastless. if it were a pic of women in the same way, i would not feel offended because that isn't truly porn, it is more of art.

and last of all, yes, there is a difference between porn and art. it's a very fine difference but it's there.